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Evolution of the Skateboard

Posted by | December 28 | No Comments on Evolution of the Skateboard

The skateboard was invented in the 1950s in a Southern California garage when a bunch of young, enterprising kids ripped the wheels off a pair of roller skates and nailed […]

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VIDEO: Use a Razor Blade as a Card Scraper

Posted by | December 21 | No Comments on VIDEO: Use a Razor Blade as a Card Scraper

Learn how to use a standard utility knife blade as a make-shift card scraper to create a silky smooth finish on wood. A card scraper is a top-choice tool for […]

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Make it a Handmade (Skateboard) Holiday

Posted by | December 5 | No Comments on Make it a Handmade (Skateboard) Holiday

This year, make a skateboard for a gift. Instead of buying a mass-produced skateboard for a gift this Christmas and Holiday Gift Giving Season, learn how to make one yourself […]

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Like a canoe-building manual for dry land, Matt Berger’s elucidating treatise will elevate your skateboard shop skills from “ollie” to “goofy-foot kick-flip,” with panache. Build yourself a stylish vehicle that requires no fuel beyond bacon, vanquishing the traffic and the claustrophobia of conventional conveyance.

- Nick Offerman - Actor, comedian, woodworker, and author of Paddle Your Own Canoe -

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